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Umniah (Jordan)

Jordan -Umniah                                                                                                                                                                                     

Since its launch in June 2005, Umniah, which is 96% owned by Batelco Group, has achieved a strong presence in the Jordanian telecom market by offering high-quality mobile, internet and business solutions while keeping abreast of the latest industry trends and ensuring customer satisfaction.   The company acquired Batelco Jordan, a fully owned subsidiary of Batelco Group in 2008, which introduced new infrastructure and resources. The acquisition made possible the launch of Umniah’s business solutions, diversifying and enriching the company’s offerings to satisfy the Jordanian telecommunication needs.

In 2016 Umniah partnered with payments solution providers to launch “Mahfazati”, a digital mobile financial service enabling transactions among unbanked customers in remote areas. The company has also partnered with the Ministry of Education and the Special Communications Commission to connect government schools, military schools and ministry directorates to an integrated network provided by Umniah. This is a significant milestone for Jordan’s public education sector by adopting communication solutions and information technology in the education process.

Umniah’s key priority going forward will be to continue building on its core values of innovation and customer centricity to service different segments. Its comprehensive selection of consumer services and business solutions means that everyone can “belong” to the Umniah community.

  For more information, visit: www.umniah.com