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Sure (S&D) South Atlantic & Diego Garcia


SURE South Atlantic & Diego Garcia (S&D) are wholly owned subsidiaries of Batelco Group, acquired in 2013.  The companies are telecommunications providers serving customers in the British Overseas Territories of the islands of Ascension, Falklands, Saint Helena and Diego Garcia.  In each of these locations, operating under an exclusive license SURE is a full feature network operator delivering voice, broadband and data services. 

New supplier contracts awarded during 2016 combined with further investment in IP networks have delivered substantial IP capacity increases across SURE S&D enabling further enhancement of broadband services for customers.

SURE South Atlantic continued investment and improvement in mobile coverage and leveraging the existing networks in the South Atlantic businesses. Various initiatives have been implemented including new opportunities realized in renewable energy, hosting and managed services.

SURE Diego Garcia mobile data revenues continue to grow driven by further investment in additional mobile network capacity.