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Batelco Announces the Appointment of New Group Chief Executive Officer

Batelco Announces the Appointment of New Group Chief Executive Officer
Batelco Chairman Oct 2011Sh Mohd Aug 2011

Manama, Bahrain: Batelco's Chairman Shaikh Hamad Bin Abdulla Al Khalifa said that Batelco's Board of Directors is delighted to announce the appointment of a new Group CEO and the creation of a new executive role, responsible for Batelco's growth and transformation into one of the most admired communications companies in the Middle East Region.

The Chairman announced the appointment of Shaikh Mohamed bin Isa Al Khalifa as Batelco's new Group CEO and Mr. Peter Kaliaropoulos as CEO Strategic Assignments responsible for the Group's Joint Ventures. He also noted that current Batelco Board director Mr. Murad Ali Murad would become the new Deputy Chairman of the Board in place of Shaikh Mohamed.

"On behalf of my colleagues on the Board, I extend a warm welcome to Shaikh Mohamed and wish him tremendous success in his career as he takes on the most critical leadership role as Group CEO for Batelco," stated Shaikh Hamad.

"Shaikh Mohamed is already familiar with Batelco's strategic challenges and opportunities in Bahrain and across the region, due to his tenure as Batelco Board's Deputy Chairman since 2002.  In addition, he is going to be supported by a strong team of experienced Executives from Batelco Bahrain and other regional companies. We firmly believe that he has the people leadership and commercial credentials to lead and expand Batelco Group as our industry is rapidly evolving," Shaikh Hamad added.

The Chairman expressed his further pleasure in that the new Group CEO is an experienced Bahraini business executive and the first National to hold the most senior role at Batelco Group.

"Shaikh Mohamed will assume responsibility for Batelco Group on 1 October 2011," stated Shaikh Hamad.

"I feel very honoured by the Board's decision to appoint me to lead Batelco's growth and evolution during a turbulent time in the information and communications industry in Bahrain and abroad," said Shaikh Mohamed.

"Our customers demand innovation through the latest technology, great value and customised attention. As we expand, retention of our customers' loyalty is most critical to our success. I am extremely keen to participate in and lead Batelco's transformation into an even more important Bahraini company across the region," he stated.

Prior to this appointment, Shaikh Mohamed bin Isa Al Khalifa, was the CEO of the Social Insurance Organization (SIO) which was formed by the merger of the General Organization for Social Insurance and the Pension Fund Commission in 2008.  Prior to this merger, he was the Director General of the General Organization for Social Insurance in Bahrain since 2005. He commenced his work with the General Organization for Social Insurance in Bahrain in 1989 and has held several senior positions such as the Director of the Finance and Investment Department from 2002, Foreign Investment Portfolios Manager and Investment Analyst.

In addition, Shaikh Mohamed represented SIO in several portfolio company boards in different capacities such as Chairman at the Securities and Investments Company (SICO), Vice Chairman at Batelco, Bank of Bahrain & Kuwait and Bahrain International Golf Course Company, as well as the post of Director at Bahrain Commercial Facilities Company.

The Batelco Chairman continued by saying that he was very pleased to welcome Murad Ali Murad, who is the longest serving member of Batelco Board, in his new role as Deputy Chairman.

"I look forward to continuing working alongside him as we build on Batelco's successes both at home and overseas," stated Shaikh Hamad.

Mr. Murad has an impressive background in Bahrain's business community and is a long serving executive of BBK having held the position of CEO from 1987 to 2002 and the post of Chairman since 2002. Additionally, Mr. Murad holds directorships in a number of organisations including Mumtalakat Holding Co. and Bahrain Kuwait Insurance Co.

Batelco's Chairman also thanked Peter Kaliaropoulos for his contribution to Batelco's growth over the last six years in his capacity as Group CEO.

"The Board wishes to express its appreciation to Peter for his leadership in growing and transforming Batelco's operations since June 2005. Batelco not only retains a position of market leadership in the very competitive Bahrain market but has also become a company of reference across the Middle East through its investments. Peter and his team of executives contributed significantly in delivering better value to a combined customer base which has grown to over 10 million, whilst also ensuring significant returns to shareholders," said Shaikh Hamad.

"Peter will continue his involvement with Batelco as CEO Strategic Assignments and will focus on accelerating value creation from new acquisitions," concluded Batelco's Chairman.