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Batelco Named Client of the Year at MENA Cristal Awards , Takes Home 19 Awards

Batelco Named Client of the Year at MENA Cristal Awards , Takes Home 19 Awards

Cristal Awards - Muna Alhashemi And Abdulla AbuidreesManama, Bahrain: Batelco, Bahrain's leading telecoms services provider was named as Client of the Year at the recent MENA Cristal Awards. Batelco took home a total of 19 awards for their innovative and successful advertising campaigns of 2010, implemented by Bahrain's FP7, which was itself named as Agency of the Year and Network of the Year.

Batelco's General Manager Consumer Division Muna Alhashemi and Head of Marketing Segmentation Abdulla Abuidrees were in attendance, to collect the awards.

The MENA Cristal Festival was established in 2005 with the aim of introducing a new competition for advertising in North African and Middle Eastern countries. The Awards ceremony rewards the best advertising creations with the coveted Cristal Trophy. Batelco received the highest number of awards from amongst 1200 entries and therefore awarded as the Client of the Year.

The Festival attracts a wide field of communication companies, advertising agencies, producers, directors, media survey companies and TV representatives who participate in a series of rich and convivial exchanges over the events 3 day annual gathering.

During the event, Batelco and FP7 have shared their successful case studies with the delegates and attendees and opened the forum for live discussion to share their knowledge and experience.

Batelco Chief Executive Bahrain Rashid Abdulla extended his sincere thanks to Batelco's team for their dedication and great efforts throughout 2010 which delivered the selection of Cristal Awards for the Company.

"Such an excellent achievement requires close cooperation between all the members of the team and partners, with every member pulling his or her weight to ensure success," he added.

Mrs. Alhashemi said that it was a great honour to be present at the awards ceremony to collect such an amazing selection of accolades on behalf of Batelco.

"This success gives Batelco a big boost and validates all the hard work. It also spurs us on to continue with our efforts with the aspiration to bring further success for Batelco in 2011."

Mrs. Alhashemi also noted FP7's major contribution to Batelco's success saying that the creativity of their team demonstrated the high quality of advertising standards available in Bahrain.